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About One Of The Best Nikon DSLR Cameras

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Nikon is known worldwide for providing the best DSLR cameras and it has been on top in the camera industry for many decades. It has a big selection of DSLRs which can range anywhere between D4S to D3300 and can be used by both amateurs and professionals.

There is a huge amount of research that goes behind each new DSLR Camera that comes in to the market. The test data and the pictures are examined at the back end of Nikon research center to provide the best Nikon cameras for you.

From the low-budget to high-end DSLRs, you can find all kinds of cameras with Nikon. It is known in the market as a camera company that provides some of the best solid cameras as well as lenses.

Although you might have gone through the features of Canon EOS T5i and pentax camera reviews and comparison, you need some customer reviews on Nikon D7200 Amazon to help you make a well informed purchase decision.

But before that, let us share with you some of its exciting features as well:

Features of Nikon D7200

* This DSLR has a 24.2 MP DX-format CMOS image sensor. This sensor works together with EXPEED 4 image processing and NIKKOR lenses giving you a great quality image.

* This DSLR can also give you amazing low light pictures.

* It has no Optical Low-Pass Filter (OLPF) which gives an advantage to the D7200 and you can get absolutely fantastic picture quality.

* It has an autofocus of 51 point which makes it a great camera for quick shots in a sports or a wildlife scenario. Since it has a bigger buffer, it can handle up 100 continuous shoots in JPEG format.

* It has a built in Wi-Fi along with a Near Field Communication (NFC) system which is really useful as you can instantly share your photos without any trouble even if you are travelling by simply connecting your communication device like a smart phone with NFC to the D7200.

* Another piece of interesting information for the first time users or those interested in saving their costs. If you are buying this used DSLR on Amazon, you might even get up to 30% off and get it along with a free shipping as well.

And now, let’s share with you some of its customer reviews so that you can know hands on experiences of these customers.

Reviews of Nikon D7200

* Nikon D7200 can easily get great night pictures if you have this DSLR on 3200 – 6400 ISO. The noise levels are low and details are preserved well.

* This DSLR has a built-in intervalometer which gives you information on the time-lapse.

* It has a great battery life as you can take many images in one go. However in case of long exposures, your battery life may reduce, because every time you open the shutter, you will lose battery.

* It has a great image quality and can provide a great finish in your photos.

* If you are not having the budget for a full frame camera, this DSLR Camera could be a great alternative.

* It is a strong and sturdy camera and durable.

* Though this camera takes a maximum of 30 second exposures, it is really not a cause of worry as it will cover almost all of your scenarios.