Here is all you wanted to know about the Hoverboard – the 2 – wheeler scooter

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Forward looking in design and so sleek and desirable, we are talking about the balancing boards that have become the hottest tech toys of the season and been the toast of the electronic market for a major part of the two years that they been introduced for.

The hoverboard that is what they are called are actually connected skates that use sensors and gyroscope technology to sense the speed and the direction from the tilt movements of the feet of the person using them. Even though the name sounds as if they are capable of hovering above the ground, they are actually boards with wheels under them that definitely come in contact with the ground. Sometimes, the smoothness of the ride can make the person feel that he is levitating but in reality he is not!

2-wheel scooter for sale:

These 2-wheel scooters are available at great offers throughout the year at real as well as virtual stores. A board can well start at $300 and upwards and go up to a maximum of $699. The best selling brands as on date are Hovertrax and Swagtrax if you are looking to buy branded scooters. Apart from these, there is at least a host of other lesser known brands and more than half of them from China which promise cheaper price. The warranty issue on these is always a big question mark though.

RAZOR HoverTrax reviews!!!

Customers who have invested in this brand are a happy bunch and are very happy about its performance. The balancing may take a little while to happen but once an average level of proficiency is reached, the person is bound to have a great time hovering around!

When you find reviews saying that it is slightly costlier than the other brands, it is noteworthy here that a little extra is still okay if you factor in the safety tag that comes along with the brand name and its reputation.

I want this best hoverboard to buy [click]

After a comprehensive market survey I have decided that Hovertrax 2.0 is the best one for me. It is well built and a robust 2 wheel scooter. It is strong as well as sleek, a rare combination to come across. I had fancied the thing to be so easy that I would start hovering as soon as I got on to its foot board. But boy! It took me like ten days to understand the tilts and the footwork to be able to decently glide through the side walk.

With immense amount of practice I took to hovering outside my place and I recommend that you should never get on to the streets until you can control your board reasonably well. If you do not have adequate practice and you are out, you may just miss and have a fall and there might be a vehicle approaching from behind in speed and not able to brake suddenly when you fall across. That is why it is important that you not only buy the best your money can buy but also practice before you take it on.

I want white Hoverboard for my kids:

Personally I would prefer to buy a white hoverboard simply because it is absolutely cool. The blue LED lights that come along its side make it look so tempting that I want to buy it immediately for my children. The bumpers and the LED power in blue contrast very well with white and it looks like a suave vehicle.