Survival Knives – Your Best Pals In The Wilderness

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Buying a knife for a regular use is not a very difficult task but when comes to survival; it is certainly a big task. It is very hard to find a good survival knife that can both serve your survival purposes as well as protect you from any form of danger. They need to be stronger, harder and be able to withstand all climates and weather conditions. This is possible by a survival knife which is made up of good quality steel and premium materials.

We would have seen these survival knives in some popular movies and wondered as to how they helped the lead roles escape from their foes. They are specifically made to help the hunters and the adventurers who generally go along with nature to their deepest and in such situations it is very important to carry one for their protection and safety. It is just one tool but can solve many purposes like cooking, hunting, cutting, tearing etc…

But is it only the knife family that can help you lead your trip time in the jungle? No, even survival guns come in handy in situations where a person is left to kill time alone in a dense forest. Survival is a very big and wide term and it is not just the difficult times in the jungle but also the tough times after a natural calamity, a war or any type of disaster. In such situation, it can definitely not be the knives but the classic guns that qualify best as the survival weapon. They are proved to be one of the best self-defense weapons or a particular variety of firearms that can extend a very supportive hand in all types of combats and self-defending situations.

For all those who are camping or going on a hunt, the best survival knife that can accompany them in every step is the kabar bk2 as they are specifically designed so. They are a very useful and probably one of the best types of survival knives that can help in hunting, self-defense, cutting, splitting etc… Apart from the safety uses, these knives should also be slim and sleek yet profound because when the purpose of the trip or the adventure is very unique, the traveler cannot make separate space for such precious tools but still will have to carry them. In such situations it would be wise to carry some of the best pocket knifes for they come in different sizes and some are even foldable.

Zero tolerance knife is a unique variety of these survival knives which come under the tactical knives category. They are designed to stand steady in all situations and are made of high end steel. These are mainly designed keeping in mind the defensive requirements and tough combat situations. These knives made an entry into the knife`s world only recently but has been successful in making a place for it in the top positions within just years of its introduction. These are made from heavy, high-end steel variety and come with thick frameworks.