Design and Construct Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants both Domestically and Internationally


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               About Hot-Dip Galvanizing
               Auxiliary Equipment and Material for HDG
            Multi-component alloy special for molten zinc in HDG
            Purifying agent for molten zinc in HDG
            Special Vibrator for workpiece out of molten zinc in HDG
            Ceramic zinc pot for small workpiece galvanizing
            Protective coating for internal wall of zinc kettle
            Protective coating for slings of lifting workpiece in HDG
            Special galvanizing inhibitor for HDG
            Multi-function acid fog inhibitive additive during pickling in HDG
            Detonation inhibitor for HDG
            Additive for galvanizing agent of fluxing in HDG
            phosphating solution
            Centrifuge for HDG
            Zinc dregs grasper
            Molten zinc pump
            Protective pipe for thermocouple
               Equipment For Hot Dip Galvanizing
            Overall Workshop of HDG Project
            Chemical pretreatment tanks
            Galvanizing furnace
            Integrative Electrical-heating Furnace
            Zinc kettle
            The mechanical transmission system
            After-treatment System
            Drying system
            Acid Storage Distribution System
            Hot dip galvanizing for Highway guardrail
            Hot dip galvanizing for Highway stand column
              Environment protection equipment for HDG
            Waste water treating system
            Waste acid neutralizing and treating system
            Fluxing solvent heating system
            Fluxing solvent regeneration system
            Flue gas heat economizer
            Acid fume treating and discharge system
            Zinc fume treating and discharge system
            Quenching water cooling system
            FAQ for Hot-Dip Galvanizing
      Video&Photo Centre
          Hot Dip Galvanizing Production Line
          Highway Guardrail and Stand Column Galvanizing Line
Part Photos of International Communication and Cooperation
          Part Photos of Hot-Dip Galvanizing Project
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