Design and Construct Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants both Domestically and Internationally


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XINYUE Hot-Dip Galvanizing Company, engages in design and construction for Hot-Dip Galvanizing production line, providing equipment and auxiliary material used in Hot-Dip Galvanizing production, our business scope including:
Design, manufacture, installation, commission of the whole hot dip galvanizing production line
Reconstruction for exist hot dip galvanizing production line
3)Research and supply products utilized in production process, which can solve many normal problems occur in hot dip galvanizing, such as alloy, auxiliary devices, and many additives for energy conservation and environment protective.
4)Train professional technical personnel of hot dip galvanizing, including technician in chemical and galvanizing.
5)Supply the newest production process, formula and technology.
6)Guide and solve specific problems from customers or at worksite.
We invite you to contact us regarding your queries in the area of coating quality, kettle and furnace technology and innovations, energy recovery, process controls, environment protective systems, plant design, and other technical problems for Hot Dip Galvanizing etc.
Products scope:
Design and construction for Hot Dip Galvanizing production line, various of auxiliary galvanizing equipment, industrial ceramic zinc pot, equipment for highway guardrail galvanizing and stand column galvanizing, environment protective facilities and devices, various tanks for HDG production line, galvanizing furnace, zinc fume recovery and treating system, acid fume recovery and treating system, waste water circulation and treating system, waste acid regeneration treating system, fluxing solvent regeneration treating system.
Hot Dip Galvanizing products, such as additives and auxiliary devices, including alloy,  Detonation inhibitor, Purifying agent for molten zinc, Purifying agent for fluxing solvent, additive for fluxing solvent, zinc chloride-ammonia, Special galvanizing inhibitor, Multi-function acid fog inhibitive additive during pickling, Protective coating for internal wall of zinc kettle, Special Vibrator for workpiece out of molten zinc, Centrifuge, molten zinc pump, Zinc dregs grasper, protective pipe for thermocouple, each wire material for lifting sling...

We can offers expertise consultation to set up of Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant with providing following services:
(1)Design of whole Plant Lay-out, Galvanizing furnace, and Zinc kettle.
(2)Design and construction of Reinforced concrete pretreatment tanks and after-treatment tanks, including foundation and anticorrosion.
(3)Supply iron or PP material pretreatment tanks and after-treatment tanks.
(4)Water and acid feeding system and Waste water and acid treating system
(5)Lighting and power system for workshop
(6)Flue gas heat economizer system, Fluxing solvent heating and other tanks heating system
(7)Fluxing solvent regeneration system
(8)Zinc kettle , galvanizing furnace and related heater, intelligent control cabinet and alarm for zinc leakage
(9)Acid fume treating system
(Seal room with inspection windows for pretreatment tanks, acid fume enclosed and sucked to be discharged into scrubbing tower outside)
(10)Zinc fume treating system
(Seal room with inspection windows for galvanizing process, zinc fume enclose and sucked to be discharge outside)
(11)other auxiliary equipment or assembly for hot galvanizing production line
(12)Installation, commissioning and technician training or guidance in worksite

Lower investment and production cost
Short construction periods
Quality reliable and Durable equipment, complies with current environmental standard
Low maintenance and easy operation of equipment and process
High galvanizing quality
Advanced energy conservation and environment protective system
Flexibility in our approach where we design to meet the customers’ requirements
With an expertise of our vast experience in this field we have successfully designed, installed and commissioned many energy conservation and environment protective Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants for our valued customers in domestic and worldwide. 


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