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Zinc dregs grasper
Zinc dregs grasper
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In the hot galvanizing process, the reaction of the zinc and iron will generate a lot of dross sink to the bottom of the zinc pot, if we don't clean up timely, it will be bound to affect galvanized quality and increase production costs. To solve this problem, we produced the slag conveyor. It is simply operation, easy maintenance, long service life.
Using the crane lifts the chains(which fixed in the semi-circular hoop, picture 1) in the upper part of the slag conveyor, put it into zinc kettle, then pull up the middle pin, the bucket will be closed , then use the crane lift it again for finishing slag, repeated operation.           
The bucket opening size: 1300mm, it can fish about half a ton of zinc slag in one time, the height of the slag conveyor is based on the depth of zinc kettle.

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